CWMBRAN SKIN CLINIC4D Sculpt – Advanced Face & Body Fat Cavitation & Sculpting

The Multi Award Winning Body Contouring System With Clinical Proven Results.

Tighten | Tone | Lift | Contour

4D SculptTransform Your Face & Body With 4D-Sculpt

The all new 4D-Sculpt utilises a powerful combination of three marketleading technologies for instant inch loss, spectacular body sculpting, dramatic cellulite reduction, the industry-renowned instant ‘non-invasive face-lift’, non-surgical neck lift and high demand ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ treatments to totally transform your face and body.

Combined Cavi-RF
Focused inch loss, cellulite reduction, Thigh Lifting and body sculpting.

Advanced Multi-Polar RF
Instant skin tightening, lip & hand plumping, stretch mark reduction.

Vacuum Targeted RF
Non-surgical face lift, spectacular body sculpting, lifting, toning and tightening.

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4D SculptTreatment Results

4D Sculpt Results
4D Sculpt Results
4D Sculpt Results
4D Sculpt Results

Body Tightening

Combining the Award winning Body Profile Gel with intensive ultrasound to instantly help tighten or firm crepey or saggy skin.

Can be used in conjunction with Velashape II for dramatic results

  • Upper Arm Tighten – £50.00
  • Stomach Tighten – £50.00
  • Inner Thigh Tighten – £50.00