Intimate waxing for Ladies who require a safe, personal and hygienic waxing experience with a specialist she can trust. We use the best intimate soft wax which is gentle and anti-bacterial, leaving you smooth, no stickiness and no mess!

Basic Bikini Line

Removal of hair up to Knicker line and crease of leg.

Honeymoon Wax

Removes hair high up on to bikini line, leaving a triangle of hair.

Brazilian Wax

Leaving a strip of hair, includes removal of hair in intimate area.

Hollywood Wax

Removal of all hair.

Bottom Wax

Bottom Cheek Wax
Advanced Bottom Wax
£20.00 (including crease)
(Combine an Advanced Bottom wax with any bikini line wax and save £10.00)

Facial Waxing

Upper Lip
Upper Lip and Chin
Cheeks (Removal of Peach Fuzz)
Successful waxing can only be achieved 10 days after shaving.